WeStrive Client Mobile App

The best part about training on WeStrive is you can provide your clients with one of the best fitness apps on the planet. They can handle everything from following programs to uploading progress photos and tracking bodyweight.

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WeStrive Client Mobile App

A Mobile App Your Clients Will Love

Give your clients an app that will help them enjoy their fitness journey. Once clients start training with you on WeStrive - they're going to tell all their friends! If you want more info on how clients can use the app, head here.

WeStrive fitness program builder

Beautiful workout interface

Your clients will enjoy the easiest program tracking app in the world. They'll receive a full program schedule, quickly swipe left to move through programs, and receive a full breakdown each day before starting their program.

Client Fitness Calendar

We want to make your client's life as simple as possible. That's why we've built an easy-to-use daily calendar. Clients can head here to see their program, find their assigned-macros for nutrition tracking, and see any requests they've received for taking progress photos or weighing themselves.

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WeStrive Client App Features

Client Mobile Dashboard

From the moment your client logs in, they'll be able to instantly get a screenshot of their fitness journey. They have access to their program completion %, daily caloric intake, daily steps, calories burned, recent progress photos, and so much more.

Progress Tracking

From the mobile app clients can not only track workouts but can also track their bodyweight and progress photos as well. They can easily add these on their own or they can add them based on the scheduling that you recommend for them.

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WeStrive Client App Features

Group Messaging & Inbox

A huge benefit of the WeStrive App is that your client can message you on the go! Easily send photos, Gifs, and more to your client. You can even setup groups for challenges and message everyone in the group!

Want to train more clients in less time and live a happier life?

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