Stripe Billing on WeStrive

WeStrive Billing - by Stripe - is now available in 30+ countries! Manage your the invoices you send your clients, either one-time or on a monthly recurring basis, through WeStrive Billing.

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WeStrive Billing through Stripe

Handle all the payments and invoicing for your personal training business through WeStrive

Your life will become 10X easier once you've setup Stripe Billing on WeStrive. Be sure to check what countries WeStrive Payments + Stripe is available in.

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Monthly sales and cash balances

From your dashboard, you can easily see how much you've earned this month through WeStrive Billing - powered by Stripe - and you can also easily withdraw your balance to your bank account.

Track sales in graphs

From the Sales tab, you'll get an in-depth snapshot of your monthly invoices from both a recurring and one-time payment breakdown. Recurring invoices can be setup & automated to go out each month.

This page will also breakdown any fees that Stripe takes - 3.5% - and the 40 sent processing fee for each transaction. WeStrive doesn't charge a monthly fee to handle payments through us so once you sign-up for WeStrive, you can go ahead and start handling payments!

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WeStrive Client App Features

Easily assign invoices

By pushing 'Assign Invoice' from the drop-down menu on your WeStrive dashboard, you're able to instantly send an invoice to any of your clients.

When it comes to invoice types, you can select One-time or Monthly. The Monthly will allow you to have a recurring invoice that charges your client once a month.

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