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“As a celebrity trainer, I get asked to join apps all the time and I always say no. I joined WeStrive because it's 3 apps in 1. It's a Client Manager, a Program Marketplace, and Billing Software."

- Phil Catudal | NASM, MBA

WeStrive is the ultimate personal training platform that allows you to manage your online/in-person training clients, track their progress, handle invoicing, sell your fitness programs, and so much more.

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Save countless hours every week
Build beautiful full-length programs
Manage up to hundreds of clients

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Provide clients with a 5-star mobile experience
Clients can track all workouts from their phone
Easily communicate and track growth from the app

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make extra money selling programs"

Sell programs on our in-app Marketplace
Get new clients from 'Find My Trainer'
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Hear how countless personal trainers have transformed their business with WeStrive 

Karessa Lockhart

WeStrive Trainer
" yes omg this app is so helpful I'm so glad you contacted me about it because I really didn't have a clue on how to start online. This is so easy to use and I like how videos come with the programs. That's so helpful to my clients."

Kendrick Lewis

WeStrive Trainer
“I love WeStrive because it’s a great app that allows me to communicate with my clients as well as create workout plans and track their progress - all in one location.”

Josefine Holmberg

WeStrive Trainer
" WeStrive is the perfect platform for a trainer looking to keep track of their client's progress and sell workout programs"
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Manage all of your clients, their workouts, and billing (powered by Stripe) all in one place. Assign programs, track progress, and more!

Client Software

Build up to 6-month long programs utilizing our 1700+ exercise photos/videos or you can upload your own!

Program Builder

Breakdown all of your client's progress like bodyweight, lifting records, nutrition intake, and measurements. If it can be measured, we have a place for it.

Progression Tracking

WeStrive has partnered with the Nutrition platform, Lose It!, in order to allow you to track your clients daily macros, meals, and set their Nutrition goals for each week.


Handle all client invoices, absolutely free. Every WeStrive private training profile comes with a free Stripe billing account. Seamlessly send one-time or monthly invoices to all your clients.

Free Billing

Sell your fitness programs to the world. WeStrive allows you to take your fitness plans, upload them in our program-builder, and then sell them on our mobile app for profit. Enjoy the extra cash flow!

In-App Marketplace