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Program Marketplace

We've Created A Brand New Revenue Stream

Take the same fitness programs you've been creating for years and sell them on an in-app marketplace. With our program-builder tool you can create up to 6-month programs 10X faster and utilize our complimentary 1700+ exercise photos and videos. Earn 60% of every plan sold*

Exercisers can purchase your plans and apply to train privately with you. Helping you Find New Clients!

*Apple/Android receive 30% of every program sold in the app store

Online Training

Work Privately With Clients & Scale Your Business

Completely transform your business by training online and in-person with your clients through WeStrive. 

  • 5-Star mobile app for your clients to use

  • Every client has their own profile and login

  • WeStrive provides you with your own Stripe billing account

  • Track client's progress online and in the app

  • Build up to 6-Month programs with program builder

  • Use our 1700+ exercise photos/videos or add your own

  • WeStrive social app helps you find new clients

Connect & Grow

Connect with exercisers and other trainers

Ultimately, the goal of WeStrive is to help you scale and completely transform your business. We are the only platform that allows you to not only sell fitness programs in a mobile app, but to also allow exercisers to apply to train with you from that same app. With WeStrive, we're bringing the fitness world together with one incredible mobile app and website.


2 Business Models

Fitness Program Marketplace

Adding Programs Is Always Free

Private Online Training

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1000's of In-Depth Fitness Plans

100's of Certified Personal Trainers

#1 App For Personal Training Programs

Purchase a program on the marketplace, work privately with a trainer, follow your own workouts with our journal tools, and connect with friends/family all on the WeStrive Mobile App

WeStrive Community

Beyond The App

We're not just an app, we're a community for the fitness industry

Phil Catudal

Celebrity Trainer

"I get asked to join apps all the time and I always say no. I joined WeStrive because it's 3 apps in 1. WeStrive handles billing, program creation, client management, and more. It's going to save me so much time."


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