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The 5 best tips to easily start personal training online and grow fast

Your clients are sitting at home wondering how they are supposed to stay in shape. We’re here to show you how you can be their superhero during this crisis by building a system that saves you time, provides your client with an incredible experience, and can help you actually grow your business online.

In this digital age, most personal trainers are moving online, and in certain states, working out from home is still a requirement. We want to help you stay ahead of the curve by helping your clients workout from home (or in the gym) to the best of their ability.

Your clients are sitting at home wondering how they are supposed to stay in shape and we’re here to show you how you can be their superhero during this crisis.

Of course, you can always try to make things work by stressing yourself out texting countless workouts, sending hundreds of YouTube links, building PDF's, etc.... But the good news is, there’s a better way!

The real opportunity lies in building a system that saves you time, provides your client with an incredible experience, and can help you actually grow your business during COVID-19.

Here are the 5 best tips to easily start personal training online and grow fast

1. Organization:
  • Overview: Gather videos, programs, and more that you’ve built over the years
2. Client management tools
  • Overview: Find the best place to bring all your clients together
3. Billing
  • Overview: Figure out the best tool for you to organize all your client invoices
4. Program Building
  • Overview: Get rid of the programs made up of texting, PDF’s, & Excel documents
5. Client Experience
  • Overview: Create a 5-Star experience for all of your clients stuck at home

Now, let’s walk through all of the parts together

1) Organization - Take Some Time. Get Organized.

As a trainer, you probably have years of videos, PDF’s, & Excel documents, all over the place.

We’re here to help you get organized.
A) Ask yourself, "What videos do I have?"

If you’re going to train clients online, they are going to need videos to reference each exercise. The last thing you want to do is spend all day sending YouTube links to your clients. Figuring out what videos you have now will save a lot of time later.

B) Ask yourself, "Do I have programs written?"

As a trainer, we know you’ve written hundreds (if not thousands) of programs over the years...but where are they at? With in-person training, you can just make a program on the fly, but with online, your programs need to be written out for your clients. You can easily sign-up for WeStrive and immediately start turning all your programs into templates.

C) Ask yourself, "Do my current clients have plans?"

What’s happening...most gyms are still closed and your clients/friends are sitting at home...do they have plans they can follow today? If not, let’s figure out the equipment they have and get them plans ASAP.

D) Where do I put all of this info?

Having videos, photos, programs, client progression, etc. is a whole lot of info that can get hectic very quickly. There are platforms designed specifically to help combat this problem and we’ll dive into those soon.

2) Client Management Tools - Put all your clients in one place

Having a couple clients over text, a few clients getting PDF’s, and some receiving emails sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, that might be the current situation you're in - along with thousands of other personal trainers.

Here are a few ways that using a Client Management Tool to will transform your business.

A) Automation tools for check-ins (bodyweight, progress photos, etc.)

B) Program creation/assignment is simple and quick

C) Tools are available on both the website and mobile app

D) Capable of handling photos & videos for fitness plans

E) Simple onboarding process for clientele

F) Progression Tracking Tools For Growth

G) Optional Billing System

#ProTip: With WeStrive, we automatically create a profile, landing page, progression tools, and more for every trainer that signs up - even if you just have one client.

3) Billing - How are you going to handle all of your invoices?

Alright, so you're online now...you have clients all over town (or the world) who are forced to train from home...so how are they going to pay for training? There are a lot of methods you can use for handling payments that can replace the invoice your gym sent you or maybe the cash payments you were receiving.

We’ve worked with trainers for years now & we’ve heard dozens of ways that trainers collect payments. Honestly, a whole bunch of ways work, just make sure you stay organized. Don’t end up using Venmo for one client, PayPal for another, and then a personal trainer payment software for the rest...it will get crazy!

There are a lot of platforms, including WeStrive (through Stripe), that can help you with Billing...just please only use one system so that you keep everything organized.

4) Program Building - How are you creating programs?

Let’s be honest, making a million Excel documents and PDF’s sounds terrible...and texting your clients their programs isn’t exactly you bringing your ‘A Game’. And even after these text programs are sent, you’ll be flooded with dozens of messages like, "How do I do Bulgarian Split Squats?”...we’ve all been there.

Quick plug, this is a screenshot of the WeStrive Program Builder. You can search far and wide and you won't find any easier to use place to build your programs. Try it out for free here

Here are a few ways that using a program-builder can benefit you:

A) Save 5+ hours a week not having to make your own PDF’s

B) Have all your programs, all in one place organized by Templates & Drafts

C) Access thousands of photos/videos provided by the platform (WeStrive allows you to add your own photos & videos as well)

D) Easily create Supersets & Circuits

All of the programs you make on WeStrive can automatically be downloaded as PDFs if your client really needs one!

5) Client Experience - You've build the program... now what?

Reading a text off of their phone isn’t a great experience, and neither is zooming in and out of an Excel document. You've built a beautiful program - give them a beautiful experience.

Screenshot of the WeStrive mobile app

Similar to before, here are a few ways that using a mobile app can benefit your clients:

A) Photos/videos they can access for each and every exercise

B) Ability to record progress of daily workouts on demand

C) Having a program overview to see their weekly schedule

D) Beautiful interface to handle Supersets & Circuits

E) An easily accessible timer for tracking sets and rest times

F) Ability to track bodyweight, progress photos, macros, and more

Overall, they receive a much better experience and get to do it all from their phone!

The only question now is, when are you going to start online training?

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About the Author:

Cory McKane is the CEO/Founder of WeStrive - a platform for personal trainers to manage & grow their personal training business. He enjoys working out and spending time working with trainers on WeStrive on how to manage/grow their business.

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