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Trainer & Exerciser Testimonials

"I get asked to join apps all the time and I always say no. I joined WeStrive because it's 3 apps in 1. WeStrive handles billing, program creation, client management, and more. It's going to save me so much time."


Phil Catudal

Celebrity Trainer, Best Selling Author


"Honestly, right now I've only got a few clients online and I'm sending them video after video after video...I've seriously been looking for something like this for months. I'm in the military and then I'm working so I don't have time to spend all day with each client"



"Being an online coach, it's really important for me to try scale my business, and reach as many people as I can in order to help enhance their lifestyle. That's where WeStrive comes in"



"I wish I had this back in college. I have no idea what I'm doing in the gym. I haven't worked out in months."



"After seeing designs, I am absolutely blown away. I can’t wait to be a part of this."



"To be honest, I’ve had the opportunity to review several fitness apps over the past couple of years, but yours is superior in all aspects of presentation, ease of use, and clarity. The app doesn’t seem cluttered and difficult to navigate, as can sometimes happen with info overkill. Great Job!"



"This looks exactly like what I’ve been hoping for conceptually when it comes to finding a mobile solution to combine social media and my training clients"