Product Updates

Late-February 2021

Inbox, Groups, and Notifications. The WeStrive App & Website will have a new Groups section, an updated inbox, and all new mobile-notifications for clients. We've also updated the mobile website for a faster response, completed updated the sign-up flow for trainers/users, and added a new 'Client Questions' section for trainers to utilize with potential clients.

Late-December 2020

The WeStrive App Re-launches with hundreds of new updates...way too many to list here. The new software is currently live and the new app is live for clients under WeStrive For Clients.

September - 2020

WeStrive officially launches the new Scheduling tool. You can now schedule programs ahead of time, edit programs after they've already been assigned to your client, drag days around within an already scheduled program, and so much more!

August - 2020

The WeStrive App is officially partnered with the Lose It! App. As a trainer, you can now build out a full schedule of macros for your clients to follow. Your clients simply sync-up the WeStrive App with Lose It in their Settings tab and then BOOM! everything they enter into Lose It! gets pulled to your training dashboard.

You'll see all their macros each day and their meal plans.