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@Sfitn_ess Incredible Weight Loss Journey

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

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We sat down with @Sfitn_ess and asked her multiple questions about how she transformed her body on her #WeightLossJourney

1) What was your favorite exercise during your weight loss journey?

My favorite exercise is probably Barbell Back Squats, easy to build up and push yourself to the max, plus they leave you feeling exhausted but like you achieved a lot.

2) What pushed you to want to transform your body?

I went on holiday and realized I hated the way I looked in every picture, and never wanted anyone to see them, so I refused to tag myself on social media or save them to my phone etc.. I realized I was missing out of life due to my insecurities, so something needed to change!

3) Did you have a trainer or a program that you followed?

So originally I started with slimming world, that helped initially, I then trained myself at the gym, by this point I'd lost about 28 lbs, then I started working with an online personal trainer which helped massively, saw a nutritionist who helped with my diet via the slimming clinic, they recommended the keto diet. 56 lbs down I took the reigns with regards to my diet as I was pretty confident I knew what I was doing at that point, got to 77 lbs down and invested in an in-person personal trainer who is an absolute legend. He now trains me 5 times per week, does my macros for me and essentially runs my life. He got me past the 84 lbs weight-loss mark.

4) What was your diet like?

I could not recommend ketogenic diet enough. Basic rule of thumb I followed is always be in calorific deficit, you WILL lose weight. And then as time progressed I started tracking macros etc

5) Did you use an app? If so or if not, what do you like to see in an app that you use?

Apps wise, highly recommend my fitness pal for diet tracking, couldn't be better. You can scan the food you eat and it does everything for you!

Side note: WeStrive is adding nutrition and food scanning by next Summer so be on the look-out for that

6) What are the next steps for your fitness journey?

Next, I'm focusing more on building strength and muscle, shredding my body fat percentage. I want to feel as strong and confident as I can.

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