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Podcast: Sammy Courtright - COO of FitSpot (Corporate Wellness)

Featuring: Sammy Courtright on the WeStrive Podcast

Sammy Courtright and her Co-Founder have taken FitSpot from nothing and transformed it into one of the top Corporate Fitness Platforms on the planet.

They recently raised their Series A funding (Congrats to them) to help them expand FitSpot (and possibly a new name?). They are in the process of revamping FitSpot to touch more areas of the corporate world with the goal of promoting health/wellness in as many businesses as they can.

Listen at the podcast links below to hear about what it takes to grow a fitness company to this scale, how/when to pivot if you feel like things aren't going as good as they could, and where FitSpot is planning on going within the next few years.