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@kidd_in_action Incredible Weight Loss Journey

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We sat down with @kidd_in_action and asked him multiple questions about how he transformed his body on his #WeightLossJourney

1) What was your favorite exercise during your weight loss journey?

My favorite exercise is anything with free weights but more specifically, skull crushers and flat bench dumbbell press!

2) What pushed you to want to transform your body?

I really just looked in the mirror one day and didn't recognize the person I was seeing anymore, I was eating unhealthy and not focusing on my health. I decided it was time to do something about it.

3) Did you have a trainer or a program that you followed?

I didn't have a trainer. I used a lot of YouTube and bodybuilding forums while picking and choosing through the information I was finding. Everyone has a different idea of what works I just tried new things until I knew what worked for me.

WeStrive note: Working with a trainer is the fastest way to find what works for you. However, we're glad @kidd_in_action was able to figure it out. Finding what works for you is and mixing things up are the best ways to reach your goals.

4) What was your diet like?

My diet was a very strict pescatarian. It featured mostly fruits and veggies. Once or twice a week, when I felt my body needed energy, I would eat fresh fish and it was usually freshly caught.

Absolutely No Soda or sports drink. I only drank water.

5) Did you use an app? If so or if not, what do you like to see in an app that you use?

I didn't use an app but I tried to, the biggest thing for me with an app is needing something that I can set my own workout in as well as learn new things from! A way to track diet and workouts but also at a 1-time price would be nice!

WeStrive note: WeStrive offers a workout journal where you can add your own workouts, find new workouts, and also learn a lot from personal trainers and blogs like this.

6) What are the next steps for your fitness journey?

The next steps I have are a little different. I've spent a year cutting weight and losing over 70 lbs of fat. Now it's time to work into adding that weight back as lean muscle functional muscle mass.

Congrats on your incredible journey. Go kill it in 2020!

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