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@fran2_fit Incredible Weight Loss Journey

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We sat down with @fran2_fit and asked her multiple questions about how she transformed her body on her #WeightLossJourney

1) What was your favorite exercise during your weight loss journey?

During my weight loss journey, my favorite exercises to do were lower body workouts like squats and lunges. I also loved doing a lot of cardio.

2) What pushed you to want to transform your body?

What pushed me to transform my body was I was tired of being unhealthy...there were times when I would walk a short distance and get tired. I didn't want to have that happen anymore. Also, I lacked confidence and wanted to do something to feel better about myself. I knew that I needed a change.

3) Did you have a trainer or a program that you followed?

I started working with a trainer 3 months ago (@purelyfefitness) who helped me lose 23 pounds within that time frame.

4) What was your diet like?

My diet mostly consisted of just eating low carbs.

5) Did you use an app? If so or if not, what do you like to see in an app that you use?

No, I did not use an app. If I were to use an app I would like for it to have different options like tracking your weight, a place to track the different foods that you eat and the number of calories each food has. I'd also like for it to have the ability to connect with different ppl on the same journey as you so that we could motivate each other. Also, an option that provides different workout options.

Side Note: WeStrive allows you to work out with friends and we're updating our social feed soon to make it more motivational-focused.

Double Side note: WeStrive is adding nutrition and food scanning by next Summer so be on the look-out for that.

6) What are the next steps for your fitness journey?

The next steps for my fitness journey are to slim down a little more and then begin to build muscle which I hope to achieve by the end of 2020.

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