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Founder - Labdoor | Neil Thanedar

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Neil Thanedar graduated from college and immediately got to work. His company, Labdoor, is arguably the best company on the planet when it comes to independent research of the supplement industry. I actually purchased a pre-workout off of their website before recording this interview (and if you can get a broke startup-founder like me to spend $40+ on something online, then you know you have a quality product). They have made millions of dollars, raised $7M in funding from notable investors like Mark Cuban, and have transformed the supplement industry.

Some great lessons for founders that he speaks on:

Every time customers give you feedback, write it down and analyze it Create a company you're passionate about Send monthly email updates to investors As a founder, you have to understand every aspect of your business, even if it's just a little bit. Everything from marketing, coding languages, business law, etc.

Enjoy the episode!

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