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Featured Trainer: Lindsey Saenz

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We sat down with Lindsey Saenz and asked her multiple questions about running her business

1) What’s your favorite exercise to have clients perform?

The squat is my personal favorite. Especially at the beginning of the training journey. It allows me to get a good baseline for my client's overall strength, flexibility, and joint health.

For example, the squat test allows me to find the weakness in ankle mobility, see how the knees track, if there’s a hip or glute deficiency on one side, and overall flexibility.

This allows me to see where time needs to be spent to better serve my client, their needs, help them reach their goals, and ultimately keep them from injuring themselves.

2) How long have you been personal training?

I have been training since January of 2015! 5 years to this month.

3) What certification(s) do you have and why?

I have certifications in personal training and fitness nutrition through ISSA. These two go hand in hand, while I am not a dietitian, I now have a better understanding of eating to fuel your body to support your fitness routine.

I am also certified in kickboxing, it’s a personal love of mine and I coached it until a month before I had my daughter.

I am also certified in prenatal and postpartum fitness, this came to be because I had horrible postpartum depression after my daughter was born. This created a new passion to help moms who suffer from PPD and help them beat it using faith and fitness as an outlet!

4) What's the biggest mistake you think personal trainers make when running their business?

I think the biggest mistake trainers make is selling themselves short. I’ve made this mistake more times than I can count. In a social media world, it’s sometimes disheartening to see people without certifications training people they have no qualifications to train. It makes it a little scary and seems like a far-fetched business to be successful in sometimes. But only YOU can train who you are supposed to train.

5) What’s the most important thing you’ve done to grow your personal training business?

Be authentically myself. People don’t want cookie cutter trainers. People want to know you care, they want to know that they are investing their money and time into someone who truly cares about them as a person and not just what they can do for their wallets. Serving people without expecting anything in return and being100% true to me has done more for me and my business than anything else has!

6) What do you like about using WeStrive?

I like the versatility of WeStrive, it allows me to put my programs in the same place as my 1:1 training client interface; whereas the previous platform I used was not only harder to use, but it didn’t have the ability to host both offers.

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