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Featured Trainer: Kendrick Lewis

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We sat down with Kendrick Lewis and asked him a couple questions about running his training business.

1) What’s your favorite exercise to have clients perform?

My favorite exercise to have clients perform is the burpee. It really challenges the whole body physically and mentally. I get excited when I get a new client that comes to me and is not able to perform 3-5 burpees consecutively, and after a month or so they are doing circuits of them. It's really one of those exercises that shows how much effort a client is giving.

2) How long have you been a personal trainer?

I have been training for roughly a year. I started my fitness journey around three years ago. I have always been pretty fit but never really challenged myself until then. After getting great results from self-taught methods, individuals started to reach out to me asking for advice. I thought to myself that I couldn’t really advise anyone without the proper accreditation, so that’s when I decided to get certified and be able to give guidance.

3) What certification(s) do you have and why?

I have the Action Certified Personal Training NCCA Certification. I choose Action because it really explains how to implement the information learned in the manual in a real setting. Their online training modules were really helpful as well. It placed me in different scenarios and allowed me to make a decision based on the information I obtained through the chapters.

4) What's the biggest mistake you think personal trainers make when running their business?

I think the biggest mistake that trainers make when running their business is thinking every client is the same and treating clients as a number instead of individuals with specific needs while building that trainer-client relationship.

5) What’s the most important thing you’ve done to grow your personal training business?

The most important thing that I have done to grow my business is to offer free advice when prospective clients reach out to ask for guidance in their fitness/health journey, and not try to sell my service upfront. I think individuals get deterred when all a trainer wants to do is sell his/her service upfront which shows they don’t really care about the needs of the clients.

6) What do you like about using WeStrive?

WeStive is the perfect training software that allows me to plan for all my clients on one platform, as well as a great social platform for my clients to communicate and share their progress. As an exerciser, I think it's important for your fitness journey to have like-minded people that you can share your success with, and the WeStrive platform has the capability to do that.

Thanks to Kendrick Lewis for answering all of our questions!