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@corrieeevans Incredible Weight Loss Journey

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We sat down with @corrieeevans and asked her multiple questions about how she transformed her body on her #WeightLossJourney

1) What was your favorite exercise during your weight loss journey?

My favorite exercises during my journey were squats and leg press... you know you've worked hard after a workout when you have jelly legs.

2) What pushed you to want to transform your body?

I've never classed myself as ‘Thin' but about a year ago I looked back on pictures when I first got into my relationship and I was a lot thinner then. It really upset me and made me feel very bad about myself and I decided that needed to change.

3) Did you have a trainer or a program that you followed?

I have a personal trainer Mryanfitness and I wouldn't have come this far without him. I have him to thank for everything I've achieved and will achieve in the future.

WeStrive Note: Working privately with a personal trainer is the number one way to see results.

4) What was your diet like?

Honestly, my diet is very up and down. I'm not the type of girl who can cut out all bad food e.g. chips, chocolate. So I just made sure I didn't go over the top, had it in small portions. My main issue was snacking so I haven't completely stopped snacking but now I just do it in smaller portion sizes!! I never knew the correct portion size I needed and would always fill my plate and make sure I finished it; whereas now I'll only put a small portion on my plate.

5) Did you use an app? If so or if not, what do you like to see in an app that you use?

I started off using a diet app to track my calories but I didn't keep up to it and counting calories ending up just making me feel worse so I just stopped and did my own thing.

WeStrive note: WeStrive is adding nutrition and food scanning by next Summer so be on the look-out for that

6) What are the next steps for your fitness journey?

My next steps are to just keep going! Don't Stop! I will get where I want to be in the end and through being patient. This past year I've realized nothing is going to happen overnight.

Best of luck on your journey!

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