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Tim Adams: Strength & Conditioning Coach for Usher, the NFL, and thousands More

Updated: May 25

Featuring: Tim Adams on the WeStrive Podcast

Coach Tim Adams is one of the greatest Strength & Conditioning coaches on the planet. He has taught thousands of people over the years across the NFL/NHL, countless celebrities, other professional sports leagues, and a long list of people that he can't even mention.

Over the course of the podcast, we ask Tim about why he got into personal training, what motivates him, and what his goals are.

Tim has experienced endless injuries over the years to his knee. At this point, he should honestly be in a wheelchair. However, through a consistent hour of rehab every morning, Tim is able to run, squat, hike, etc. just like everyone else.

His dedication is inspiring and we're grateful to have him on the podcast. We cover what it was like being the personal coach for Usher, traveling with so many professional sports teams, and more. Enjoy!