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At-Home Workouts For Parents To Do With Kids Who Are Bored At Home

Written By: Celebrity Trainer - Phil Catudal

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Are you or your kids stuck at home and bored? Exercise isn't just about vanity, or even health--it's also about sanity! Working out creates a chemical reaction in your brain, stimulating endorphins and other "happy hormones." The beautiful thing about this process is that it is completely natural and can be repeated daily, and in many different ways. You do not just have to run or use specific weights or machines. Your own body is all you need! Here is a simple home workout that you and your kids can follow to help you stay healthy and fit while also enhancing your mental well being: 3 rounds, in a row, no breaks: 10 squats 10 pushups 10 tricep dips (use a chair) 1 min break 2 rounds, in a row, no breaks: 10 burpees 20 glute kickbacks per side 1 min break 2 rounds, in a row, no breaks: 1 min plank 30-second side plank per side Do this little workout daily or every other day, and watch as your body and mind health improve together. It's fun! Challenge yourself by adding reps or weights (backpack with textbooks) as you go! Oh, and if you have a pullup bar, USE IT. Even if you can't do pullups, simply hanging on the bar for as long as you can is a great workout. You can also do knee raises and get your abs burning! Feel free to reach out with other health, fitness, and nutrition questions. I'm here! Stay safe and be well!

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