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Mobile App Entreprenurial Story


WeStrive was founded with the belief that every person, regardless of fitness level or economic status, deserves to become the perfect version of themselves.

2015: The story of PerFIcT (the former name of WeStrive) begins in Cheney, Washington. The idea of creating a social personal training app sounded like an easy task at the time...but Cory McKane, the PerFIcT App Founder, discovered just how hard his journey would be.


Our founder spent years pitching investors, building websites, working with developers, and really just talking with anyone and everyone trying to figure out how you even go about building an app. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in the spring of 2016, PerFIcT had collected enough funding to begin working on its first app. Due to development struggles, the app is delayed six months and doesn't launch until February of 2017. Even after all the struggle, the app was still a failure. The designs were not professional, there was no P.O.S. system in place, and the social element (along with many other things) had yet to be added.


Out of failures, come some of the best lessons. Cory, along with Sean Daly, Cy Zellner, and Ian Bouchard set out to find a new development team and to completely part ways with the app they had just created. In the summer of 2017, PerFIcT is introduced to StartupSoft (, a development team based out of Toronto, and an incredible partnership is born. 


In exchange for equity and cash, PerFIcT partners with StartupSoft and hands over a 150-page document with web/app designs to let this new company take the reigns. After a few months of collaborating on the design, PerFIcT begins to struggle to come up with the necessary funding to accelerate development. Thanks to a successful Start Engine campaign in late 2017, the work resumes as PerFIcT raises $24K through the equity crowdfunding website.


After years and years of work, the PerFIcT App finally launches in June of 2018...and the rest is still unwritten.

Update: The app has been renamed WeStrive and we'll be adding an entirely new private coaching platform as of December 2019.