How to Setup Lose It! on WeStrive - For Trainers

Follow this quick guide for setting up Stripe on WeStrive! Stripe is now available in over 30 countries worldwide. Once you're done setting up, you can start getting paid through Stripe & WeStrive!

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Let's get your Stripe Account setup

With just a few clicks you can get your WeStrive account setup! WeStrive Billing - Powered by Stripe - is now available in 34 countries worldwide! Watch this video to see how to set up Stripe!

Follow these steps to setup Stripe

1) From your home page on select Connect to Stripe in order to start collecting payments through Stripe.

Head to your client's profile and then select Nutrition Calendar in order to get started.
Once your client has completed the sync-up steps in the Lose It! (Article above), you'll be able to actually track the daily calories, carbs, proteins, etc. they are consuming all from this page. The results, based on the goals you set, will also be highlighted on your client's dashboard.
To get started, simply select, add a goal on the top right of your client's nutrition calendar.
From here, you'll be able to select how many calories you want to assign to your client. Let's say, 3000 calories. Then, you can easily slide the proteins, carbs, and fat percentages to your liking.
On the following page, select what days each week you want to apply these goals to and then select how many weeks you want. If you have a client that has a competition in 8 weeks and you want them to follow these goals Monday-Saturday but then different goals on Sunday, simply select everyday but Sunday and then add 8 weeks.
Once your client starts adding their daily nutrition intake to Lose It!, you'll be able to see the results from this page.

- Click on the pencil arrow to edit the goal for that specific day after assigning.
- Click on the eye icon in order to view the results. This page will show a full breakdown of their daily intake and you can compare their results with percentages based on the goals that you set.

- Click on the arrows to add a new set of macro goals

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