How to use the WeStrive App as a client

Follow this quick guide to learn exactly how to use the WeStrive App as a client! Follow programs, track growth, upload progress photos, and more!

WeStrive personal trainer dashboard on ipad

How to use the WeStrive App as a client

We'll break down each page of the WeStrive App so you know exactly how it works.

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WeStrive fitness program builder

Home Page

You can do so much right from the Home tab of the WeStrive App. You can sync-up Apple/Google Health to track your Steps & calories burnt, see your overall program compliance, Track your bodyweight & progress photos, track your nutrition, and message your trainer.

Trainer Inbox

You can easily message your personal trainer right from the inbox on your home page. You can send images, gifs, and communicate through group messages!

WeStrive Client App Features
WeStrive fitness program builder

Nutrition & Macro Tracking

From the home page, you'll see your daily macros and calories once you've synced up lose it! and WeStrive. From there, if your trainer assigns you caloric goals - you can find those from your daily Calendar tab.

My Calendar

The Calendar makes your life incredibly easy as a client. You will see exactly what you need to do each day based on what your trainer has assigned. From here you can see your training program, assigned calories, and assigned progress photos/weigh-ins.

WeStrive trainer dashboard and client calendar iphone
WeStrive Client App Features

Train Tab

When you click on the Train tab you'll see your fitness plan and then, if you've been assigned one, your Nutrition plan as well. Click on your fitness program in order to see your Program Schedule. The schedule will be a week-by-week breakdown of your workout program.

Program Day Preview

Once you're in your program, you can select a specific week. From here, the app will break down each day for you based on circuits, supersets, warm-ups, and more.

WeStrive trainer dashboard and client calendar iphone
WeStrive Client App Features

My Workout Program

The way you follow workout programs in WeStrive couldn't be any easier! Simply swipe left to go from exercise-to-exercise and record your weights/reps in the sections below the image.

Profile Tab

From the Profile tab you can track your progress photos & bodyweight in-depth! You can also see a wonderful week over week breakdown of your Nutritional progress.

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WeStrive Client App Features

Settings Tab

From the Settings tab, you have your basic Terms/FAQ's, and then you also can setup your Unit preference! Would you like to train with KG or lbs? It's totally up to you! You can also choose to turn notifications On/Off for the WeStrive App.

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