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About the WeStrive Blog

The WeStrive blog was created to support both personal trainers & exercisers.

For trainers, it was created to help you build, manage, and scale your personal training business. Each week we post a new blog on topics like "how to get started", "how to grow your business", "best training methods", or any other amazing topics that we think can help you become a better trainer.

The WeStrive blog for Exercisers & Clients was created to help exercisers/athletes all over the world along their fitness journey. In this section, we'll cover weightlifting tips, diet recommendations (by dietitians & nutritionists), weekly workouts, and so much more!

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If you're an exerciser and you work with a personal trainer and they aren't on WeStrive yet, just tell them to go and sign-up on WeStrive for a free month! You'll be able to follow their programs in our 5-star mobile app, track bodyweight progress, upload progress photos, and utilize countless other amazing tools.