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How personal trainers can expand their business by using client reviews

Your clients love you and want to support you back - just like how you supported them. In this article, we'll show you how the testimonials your clients provide you can help you grow your business!

How personal trainers can expand their business by using client reviews

Your clients love you and want to support you back - just like how you supported them. Use the testimonials they provide you in order to further grow your business!

In the following articles we'll show you How personal trainers can expand their business by using client reviews.

First off...Just ask for reviews

"Do you even ask your customers for reviews? Because there's a good chance you won't get what you don't ask for." - Entrepreneur.com

If you're providing a quality job for your clients then why wouldn't you ask for a review? Most of the time, clients are more than happy to leave you a review... all you need to do is ask!

Don't start off your relationship by asking for a review, but if you've been training a client for the past several months (+ they've seen results) then you should definitely go ahead and ask! Speaking of results, client reviews can usually involve progress photos as well. Be sure to include these in your reviews or testimonials section to highlight the journey that you and your client went through together.

Once you start getting reviews, make sure you store the reviews in a document somewhere or in a free online storage space like Google Sheets. After your first few reviews it's going to be hard to keep track of them all!

Important side note - before using before/after photos publicly, PLEASE ask for your client's permission. Clients are proud of their results but not everybody wants their body posted on the internet.

Where do I put the reviews?

Great! You've collected your reviews - and hopefully stored them somewhere - so now what?

Well, now you need somewhere to let them shine!

1st: You'll need a website or a landing page to highlight these testimonials. There are plenty of platforms like Wix or Squarespace where you can build out your own website. However, these take time and you usually have to hire someone to create it for you. With a platform like WeStrive, we offer a full Testimonials section on your landing page - check out my own landing page for an example!

2nd: Let's throw these on social media! Use a tool like Canva in order to turn your testimonials into beautiful quotes that you can highlight as posts or stories on platforms like Instagram. Better yet? Create a 'Testimonials' or 'Reviews' highlighted story like we have on the WeStrive Instagram.

3rd: You can even put them inside of your programs! Whether you're using a program builder like on WeStrive or just in a regular PDF, why not throw a "this was the best program of my life" quote into the description of the program?

How will this help me?

Testimonials & reviews will help you in so many ways! First off, imagine you're a potential client and you find out a trainer has ZERO reviews? Why would you work with that trainer?

Now, flip the script - you're a client and notice that a trainer has 100 reviews! Wow, yeah I'm definitely going to work with that trainer.

Having testimonials legitimizes you in a crowded industry and verifies the quality in training that you bring to the table.

Why are you still reading this? Go collect some reviews now!

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About the Author:

Cory McKane is the CEO/Founder of WeStrive - a platform for personal trainers to manage & grow their personal training business. He enjoys working out and spending time working with trainers on WeStrive on how to manage/grow their business.

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