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Santa Monica Celeb Trainer - Davey Fisher

Listen to this episode to learn from CSCS trainer & Malibu Fitness Director, Davey Fisher, on what it takes to be a celebrity trainer & grow your business in a competitive market.

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He might look like a model (and is one) but there's more than meets the eye to this Santa Monica celebrity personal trainer and social media star. Davey has spent years perfecting his craft and has more certifications than I have fingers (counting my thumbs).

If you want to learn how to challenge yourself, hear fitness tips, and much more then click the link below and listen to the interview between Davey Fisher and WeStrive.

As a personal trainer, Davey is huge on personalizing all the programming with his clients. He's been in the fitness industry for 10+ years and loves every day of it. Currently, he runs his own online training business and can be seen training clients out in Malibu (when Covid-19 wasn't a part of the world).

He's also written multiple articles for WeStrive, you can checkout his post on Metabolic Conditioning & Supersetting here.

Click the link above to Anchor.fm to listen to his episode and learn all about his life as a celebrity trainer and model. The podcast, originally called WeStrive, is now called Building Fires and has more of a focus on Startups & Tech. If you're into that, feel free and check it out too!

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