Make Money Referring Trainers

Build a monthly income by helping trainers find a platform they'll love


Do you have a lot of personal trainers in your network?

Are you looking to get paid for going out of your way to refer trainers to WeStrive...yeah that makes sense and we'd love to pay you for it!

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Discover a new revenue stream

The more trainers you refer, the more you make

Your personal trainer friends will be happy too

If you're already telling your personal trainer friends what platforms to use, why now make a little money from it?

We'll increase the % you make from referring trainers over time. The more trainers you refer, the higher % you'll earn from each trainer.

WeStrive is the easiest and most effective personal training platform to use which will make your personal training friends very happy.

How it works

  1. Refer your friend Cassandra to WeStrive

  2. Cassandra finishes her 1-month trial, adds 6 clients, and starts paying WeStrive $35/month.

  3. You earn 20% of their monthly payment...every single month

    • WeStrive will pay you $7/month

  4. Cassandra starts working with more clients and is now paying $65/month

    • WeStrive will automatically start paying you $13/month

  5. Once you've brought 11 trainers onto WeStrive, you'll start earning 5% more from every trainer you've referred.

Ambassador Teirs


Up to 10 trainers referred are using WeStrive


Up to 20 trainers referred are using WeStrive


Up to 30 trainers referred are using WeStrive

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